About Jane

You just have to BELIEVE in the journey…

Believe in the journey

For over 30 years I have been a writer to my core. Stories of history with spiritual messages tug at my heart and I am determined to bring those stories to the world. I work through Broken Hand Productions and Spirit Wind Films, pursuing creative writing projects, business and website content and blogging.

One of my most humbling projects has been to write the feature film screenplay, SACAJAWEA, The Windcatcher, an epic movie production based on the life of Sacajawea (inspired by the Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition – currently in Development).

This historical project has required, and still requires, an ongoing awakening. It is filled with mystical wonders. Those involved in the production have seen their lives changed in the most dynamic and compelling ways.  Sacajawea has a message for the world and she is not shy about getting our attention.

The life of this Shoshoni woman has never been portrayed in a feature film. People from around the world are fascinated with Indigenous cultures, and Sacajawea is the ultimate icon. She is a warrior woman from the Ages, and her story is waiting to be told! It is through her eyes that we will see the harrowing Lewis and Clark adventure presented as never before.

I was humbled and so grateful when the Sacajawea screenplay was selected and nominated in 2013, for BEST PERIOD PIECE by the Action On Film International Film Festival. Now, I am writing a novel with the same title, which will accompany the distribution of the film.

Other projects I have written include a family-centered spec script entitled, Kimama’s Wings, which explores how racism can affect the lives of families in very hurtful ways. I’ve also completed the treatment for Pomp, a mini-series based on the unique life of Sacajawea’s son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Most recently, I have written five episodes of a Children’s Anime series I created, called Moon Drake. The series uses “wisdom from the earth” and different world cultures, coupled with environmental, natural and spiritual conflicts to create stories with powerful messages for children. Broken Hand Productions and Moon Drake Series, LLC, will produce this anime series with Martin Nuza Productions and Temple Gate Films. I will continue writing for the series with Martin Nuza, Mark Rickerby and other writers.

I have published the children’s picture book, The Grass Maiden, Sacajawea, (Amazon.com) based on my historical research. I felt Sacajawea’s story also had a beautiful message for children about Love. The illustrations for this book, and all my children’s books, were created by my daughter, Shawna N. Fitzpatrick. My granddaughter, Faith Halseth, and I, worked together to paint the watercolor backgrounds.

In 2021, I published an inspirational book entitled, Awakening, (Amazon.com) which is Vol. I of the book series, “Embrace the World with Love Words, and the World will be Changed.” Vol. II, We Are Light, is coming in 2024 along with the children’s picture book, Petunia the Pink Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is a story about the beauty and power of diversity, and the chapter book Crabtree: Lost Children of Borealonon, about choosing the Light, even in the midst of darkness, for ages 7-12. I am also developing the story for film.

Cradled by the Daisy's Dew Award

In addition to these works, I have written many, many poems, one of which was selected for Honorary Mention through the World of Poetry, called, “Cradled by the Daisy’s Dew,”  I am also working on a number of other projects including a screenplay I am writing with my husband, Matthew R. Fitzpatrick, which is based on the very romantic way we met, but it evolves into an edge-of-your-seat Corporate Thriller set in the Pacific Northwest entitled, Mountain Man.

“Never stop reaching for your dream. If it’s written on your heart, there’s already a way to reach it… Keep walking, no matter what, even if it takes your last breath!!”  ~Spirit Wind


Please visit the online store for items related to these works at: spiritwindcollection.com

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