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It is positively a fact that getting your script polished and into the right hands at the right time, when they are looking for your exact story takes years, and sometimes revision after revision – changing the beginning, the ending, and even the genre.  It is just plain hard.

And if you’re interested in producing your script yourself, it may seem like an insurmountable task, but there are strategies that will set you and your project apart from the rest. In fact, a professional and dynamic presentation, including an official website, during the development phase can move your screenplay and project into the best possible light.

We offer two powerful production services. One focuses on polishing your script and treatment. The other helps you create a project development package that could attract serious investors.

Script & Treatment Services

Project Development Services

Disclaimer: The Film Production Services through Spirit Wind Films does not guarantee consideration by Spirit Wind Films or Broken Hand Productions to produce your script or project. Nor does it guarantee your project will be funded. We do not find investors for your project. A Non-Disclosure agreement and request-for-services is required before reading or giving analysis of any materials, screenplay or manuscript, or before learning the details of your project.