Project Development Package

The film project development phase is a vital step for a successful production.

Over this long journey to produce an epic film, I have learned so much from the process. I’ve made mistakes, sometimes terrible mistakes, I’ve trusted people in the film industry that I should not have trusted. I’ve counted on people who, in the end, just could not deliver…

But, one thing I never did, I did not jeopardize my screenplay by giving control of it to anyone else, because I was never looking to “sell” it, I was looking to produce it.

This is the Development Package for Sacajawea, The Windcatcher that is sent to investors.

That said, there are different reasons why we write screenplays. Some projects are SPEC scripts that we want to sell. There are writers who write four SPEC scripts a year, sell them and make a great income. On the other hand, some projects hold a greater meaning for the screenwriter, and they want to be more involved in the production. This is the scenario that requires a Film Development Package.

What’s Included? This Project Development Package service offers valuable sample documents and examples, either digitally or in hard copy, and a one-on-one, 30-minute phone conversation. Additionally, we can create an Official Website for your project with a 60-minute phone conversation included.

Film Development Package Breakdown:

  • Full Development Document Package and 30-minute Phone Consultation fee is $100, payable by cashier’s check or Paypal.
  • For phone consultation over 30-minutes, a $1 per minute fee may apply.
  • Digital samples and example files sent through email are part of the package price.
  • For mailed, hard copy documents, please add $25 for printing and postage.

Project Official WordPress Website:

  • Full Package Website Creation and 60-minute phone consultation one-time fee is $395, payable by cashier’s check or Paypal. NOTE: This includes a first year paid BASIC subscription package plus a unique URL through WordPress. To keep your website and URL ongoing, you must pay the annual subscription payment thereafter.
  • For phone consultation over 60-minutes, a $1 per minute fee may apply.
  • You must provide photos, site-ready logo, and any edited, site-ready content you wish to post on your website.
  • The package includes one website structure change and minor editing of website content that you provide, however, if major editing is required, or more structural changes, it is an additional $50/hour.
  • You are responsible for ongoing editing and updating of your website. If you wish us to provide minor editing and content changes, we charge $50/hour.

Please contact us initially through our contact page on this website. We will return a message within 24 hours: CONTACT PAGE

Thank you so much!

Disclaimer: The Film Production Services through Spirit Wind Films does not guarantee consideration by Spirit Wind Films or Broken Hand Productions to produce your script or project. Nor does it guarantee your project will be funded. We do not find investors for your project. A Non-Disclosure agreement and request-for-services is required before reading or giving analysis of any materials, screenplay or manuscript, or before learning the details of your project.