Are you being Called to greatness?

Life is a mystical and magnificent mystery. But “everyday” experiences can get our eyes off the truth about our personal journey. Yet, it is the “every day” that is showing us the way. How do we know, how can we see?

Beautiy all aroundWhen I finally realized, in my own heart, that life is for searching and remembering, I began to look at my life differently. I have experienced light and dark along this path; there has been heartache and worry, concern and utter joy. I have stood on the edge of a cliff with my back to an abyss – a dark unknown, yet somehow, with the grace of Spirit I have come to a place of balance, through gratitude and thanksgiving.

It took a while to listened to my intuition, to even know what it was. I also learned, and I’m still learning, what it’s like to ignore it. I have made wrong and hard choices. And yet, somehow, I’m still standing.

20150505_124121Believing we are called to greatness does not come from our own mind. For we are hampered by ego and issues we carry. It’s not something to be announced to the world. Only in the quiet of our spirit do we know. And it is Holy – filled with promises, overflowing with transparent love, and it is infinitely eternal. The world will recognize and know through the journey, the path, the commitment, and the gratitude we live in.

So, I believe we must first begin with our dreams. We must ask ourselves what calls us and touches our heart and soul? Where do we find our pleasure, our purpose, our joy – for spirit promises our joy will be made complete if we only believe in what has been gifted to us and stay hopeful and thankful.

No matter what happens in life, no matter how small the step, no matter how long it takes, I pray we will move forward every day. That we will mount up with wings as eagles, we will walk and not grow weary, we will run and never faint.

Such purpose, such possibility, such love. Indeed, we are each called to greatness.


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