Crabtree: Lost Children of Borealonon

Pre-teen Novel Coming in 2024!

Lost Children of Borealonon is a fantasy/mystery/adventure about a brother and sister who are called to walk into the darkness TO BE the light. It is about making the right choices in life, it is about writing your own Chapters, it is about loving unconditionally to help others.

Twelve-year-old Sam and his sister, Mel, have just moved to a backward, mountain town. No Internet, no cell service, no computer games and nowhere to go. Their artist dad has inherited a dilapidated farmhouse from his uncle. Unknown to them, they’ve also inherited a 20-year-old curse that has devastated the town for generations. Sam and Mel are the keys to unlocking the mystery, but there are no guarantees they’ll see their way through the darkness. Even the “NOW” can be stuck in time.

Golden tone cover 1 30 23

“Borealonon was like entering another dimension – where cave drawings and ancient beings led us on a quest we didn’t understand. The darkness confused our minds… and an evil plan lured us into the shadows. But then everything became clear when a shimmering light from above cascaded down, filtering over golden ribbons and dancing crystals in the rocks. And in that moment, we knew we were there to save the children.” ~ Sam

Oranias was not bound
By the thoughts of man,
She wore her crown above.
Her wind was Strength,
Her rain was Truth…
Oranias, the Goddess of Love.

~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick

Crabtree: Lost Children of Borealonon, a novel by Jane L. Fitzpatrick, will be available in 2024, on Amazon!

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