The Heart Song

When I was just a girl, five or six years old, I dreamed of being in love. I saw my parents caring for each other and that made me so happy. The fact that I had never even had a boyfriend did not matter, my heart knew what it meant.

As I grew up, I had a few boyfriends, but nothing very special until I was 19 years old, and I was suddenly getting married. It lasted seven years, with two children – but then my world was crushed. I was so disappointed and very, very sad. I tried so hard to hang on, as I didn’t want to stop believing. There must be more to love, the love I always held in my heart…

A couple of years later, after moving west to Washington State, I began to heal. I began to search out friendships again, and I met a group of young adults who liked to hike and go to movies. I even found a close friend who just loved my kids, and she was instrumental in introducing me to the love of my life.

Matthew & Jane – 2016

It was a day to remember, because it was love at first sight. It was beautiful and my heart knew right then and there that this was it. He had always been waiting in my heart of hearts and I had been waiting in his. Six months later I married Matthew R. Fitzpatrick. It was 1980. At that time, I wrote so many love poems – because it was just pouring out, an unstoppable healing stream. And after 40 years of marriage these words still ring true. Here are some examples for you.

This is a Shakespeare-ish poem that talks of love through a dream. This poem received Honorable Mention in a contest from the World of Poetry in 1990.

Cradled by the Daisy’s Dew
(April 22,1980) Award-Winner, The World of Poetry – 1990
Hark… what dreams to my eyes appear.
As dancing wings greet skies so clear.

Thou rays of sunlight, join my steps,
And mist flows up from every depth.

Make hast, my love, and race the dawn,
And plant your kiss, my lips upon.

Thou moonbeams come to meet my rays,
And on our windowsills, they play.

Wispy leaves caress our frames,
And we are taken through the rains.

To castles in the foggy glen,
Where dreams are made to unending ends…

Alas, my eyes drift, weary now,
Hurry lad, my lids do bow.

Ah yes, you there, with purest love,
Chasing rainbows from above.

My gallant prince on your steed of white,
… carry your lady to the questing light.

God’s mirror reflects, I stand beside.
An image of the emerald bride.

Awake, awake, the day has dawned,
We float among the grass, the pond.

We folic through this love, so new…
Cradled by the daisy’s dew.
~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick


There is a Song…
(April 8, 1980)
Precious days,
Flowing by,
Loving times,
Make me sigh…

Gentle thoughts,
Caress my mind,
And this heart within,
Feels fine.

What a beauty,
Have I now,
To the inner Peace,
I bow.

Bow my head,
My spirit claims,
In gratitude,
This cherished change.

Can his perfect touch,
Be real?
My heart says, yes,
It’s what I feel.

My faith won’t waiver,
Through any storm,
This I know,
On this rainy morn.

Sereneness hovers,
A Heavenly calm.
To know in my soul,
There is now a song.
~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick


For You Alone
(April 8, 1981)
If I could write a sonnet,
I’d write the words to you.
I’d make the thoughts romantic,
Because you’d want me to.

I’d talk about our kisses.
Our hugs and gentle looks.
Then if you liked my sonnet,
I’d try to write a book.

I’d write ten-thousand pages,
Of how I love you so.
I’d tell about the gentlest things,
That only you would know.

And when my thoughts were written,
And your heart knew all of them,
I’d put the pages fast away,
To never share again.
~ Jane L. Fitzpatrick

Married 43 years in 2023!

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