Prayers for an Awakening

From the series: Embrace the World with Love Words, and the World will be Changed! The Spirit Wind book series, VOL I, Awakening, has just been published in HARD COVER format. This book would make a wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, or just to lift someone you love. If you are interested in a copy, [...]

Reverently and Wonderfully made…

In this world, some people, unfortunately, are taught they are wretched. If we believe that, then we can harbor shame and indifference because we now think we are not worthy. Dad with great-granddaughter, Faith. My father was a wonderful, truly Christian man. He was also a professor devoted to all students and people. He believed [...]

The Heart Song

When I was just a girl, five or six years old, I dreamed of being in love. I saw my parents caring for each other and that made me so happy. The fact that I had never even had a boyfriend did not matter, my heart knew what it meant. As I grew up, I [...]